Play drums 80% less loud.

Playing in acoustic settings?

With drum and cymbal volume cut at least 50%, Silent Sticks let you play in acoustic and volume-sensitive settings with ease.

Drumming in a worship band?

With Silent Sticks there is no need for expensive plexi cages, electronic drums or amplification. Cut your volume in half while cutting out the cost of being quiet.

Drums too loud?

Not with Silent Sticks. By cutting volume 50% or more, they let you relax and focus on your practicing or playing instead of holding back. Too loud? Never!

Want better stage sound?​

When the drummer gets loud, the band turns up…and the audience turns off. Getting the right volume onstage with Silent Sticks means a better sound out front.

Want to reduce e-drum pad ‘thwack’?​

Are the neighbours complaining and your family going crazy because of drum volume or stick ‘thwack’ on e-drum pads? The bendy reflex tips of Silent Sticks cut that annoying noise.

Want more gigs?​

The last time a band told you to play louder was when? Never, right? They want dynamics, not loudness. Cut your volume with Silent Sticks and audiences will love you too.

Quiet. Without the cost.

With air-filled polycarbonate shafts, anti-slip rubber X- grips and Dual-Twist Reflex TipsTM, Silent Sticks cut drum and cymbal volume up to 80%. Ideal for worship, jazz and acoustic band settings, electronic drums, pad practice, band rehearsals, home practice, recording…. Wherever volume is a concern, play Silent Sticks and Silent Beater!